New Office!

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New Office in Acton!
A lot of work to move everything from the former East Acton Storage to Harrow, Tulse Hills and the new office in Acton, but finally It's all done!

Acron office to clean

Fundraiser needed!

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Food BBPBBP is continuing to fight and reach it's mission, and in order to do that and follow our next steps we will need funds!
That's why we are looking for a fundraiser!
If you know anyone who could be interested in the job, please forwart them this link:
--- http://www.environmentjob.co.uk/job/48971-fundraiser ---

Vans of food loading and unloading!

news food storage help volunteers

Another van full of food moved to one of our storages!
Remember, we always need:
- volunteers to load and unload the food
- boxes to store the unvboxed food we get
- our message to be spread all over the world!!!

Help us in any way you can!

p.s. thanks to our volunteer Francesco for the help! :D