Goodbye Tottenham storage!

BBP storage Tottenham Hale

Yes, we had to vacate our garage in Tottenham Hale.This storage has been our first, and we used it for 3 years; loads of food passed through it and the last stored food has been taken by Red Cross, Woodberry Downs Baptist Church and some by people who run the kitchen in Harlesden

Closing this storage is not a simple logistical matter for us. Makes us think that is already years that we are going on with our project, and we need to be dynamic and focus on the main goal of Best Before Project, although it's not easy and obstacles and changes are constantly incoming.

Food project in Lambeth - Made in Lambeth, Best Before Project and Lambeth Council

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Best Before

Reducing food waste to help Lambeth poorest - a new project in cooperation with Lambeth Council and the lovely Made in Lambeth is finally here!

Stage 1: Let's be realistic and creative at the same time! If you live or work in Lambeth come and join us at Impact Hub Lambeth on Saturday 12th April 2014 from 10am-4.30pm and help us make a difference at great brain-storming event. Any skills and experience is much appreciated but we would be particularly happy to hear from IT minded people to help us create a prototype Lambeth-wide food sharing platform.

Food, Food and more food in East Acton BBP storage!

food storage East Acton

Recently we have been receiving a big amount of food in our East Acton storage. take a look!
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Vans of food loading and unloading!

news food storage help volunteers

Another van full of food moved to one of our storages!
Remember, we always need:
- volunteers to load and unload the food
- boxes to store the unvboxed food we get
- our message to be spread all over the world!!!

Help us in any way you can!

p.s. thanks to our volunteer Francesco for the help! :D