BBP Brunch: a success!

BBP Brunch event Acton Shepherd's Bush

What a nice event has been!
Our Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch has been a really nice time for us all, and we hope for all of our guests too!
Thanks for coming, keep spreading our message and see you all soon!

Tatami BBP brunch front

BBP's Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch!

event Brunch Food Labeling Tatami Acton East Acton Shepherd's Bush

Best Before Project is glad to invite you all to the Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch!

Please confirm your participation in Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/619630501450493/
Tickets available till the 26th of May on Grubclub and Eventbrite

Foodscapes on National Geographic

food event Photography World

What a nice series of pictures on National geographic website!

What does the landscape of food look like in your world? What's a typical food scene? How do the people you know gather around food? How do they share meals? Food ways offer one of the most profound insights into a culture: how foods migrate to a region, how they are used, what foods celebrate certain life events and times of year.

The Streatham Food Festival

news event Streatham Food Festival

"This year’s Streatham Food Festival takes place from 16-18th August and we want you to be part of it!

We’re working with the Lambeth Food Partnership to develop health & sustainability aspects - including sessions on food growing, food waste, seasonality, organic and Fairtrade food, plus healthy eating and nutrition."

Reclaim! This Weds 20th Feb – a meal and a chat about food waste in Hackney

news Tinata event tickets

Reclaim! Only 9 tickets left (at £10 each) for this lovely meal highlighting the issues surrounding food waste and what we are doing about it, which we are proud to sponsor with great food, along with This Is Not A Take Away, Feeding the 5000 and the People’s Kitchen Dalston.

More details below, here is the link to TINATA’s website: http://thisisnotatakeaway.com/event/february/