Vegetables saved from Landfill!

BBP food waste redistribution

Hello everybody!

Although we are focused on "Best Before" labeled food, sometimes it happens that we occour in large quantities of other kinds of food that needs to be saved!

Here is an example!
about 700kg of tasty vegetables saved from landfill thanks to the joint action of BBP and Feeding 5K, and distributed to CFE (Community Food Enterprise) and to Rad Cross

Following there are some pictures of the action (sorry for the quality!):

Stop, think and don’t throw away – donate!

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More and more companies are joining the efforts to reduce the massive amount of unnecessary food waste we currently create in our society.

We’d like to thank, among others, Diageo ( for taking the time to stop, think and donate the whole of the stock from their on-site mock convenience store to Best Before Project for redistribution among charities in need – the charities very extremely grateful for the items! Many companies simply throw unwanted stuff away…so well done and thanks again!