Fake meat becomes reality!

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The race to make fake meat just got interesting. Two scientists on opposite sides of the world both claim to be on the verge of serving up the first lab-grown hamburger – and saving the planet in the process. The new reality is so close, you can almost taste it
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The Streatham Food Festival

news event Streatham Food Festival
"This year’s Streatham Food Festival takes place from 16-18th August and we want you to be part of it!

We’re working with the Lambeth Food Partnership to develop health & sustainability aspects - including sessions on food growing, food waste, seasonality, organic and Fairtrade food, plus healthy eating and nutrition."

World Environment Day - 5th of June

World Environment Day news

On the 5th of June there will be the World environment day, the main
theme this year will be food waste!
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CamdenCAN newsletter

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"Camden Climate Action Network (CamdenCAN) is a network of residents, businesses, schools, community groups and voluntary organizations in Camden taking action on climate change. We’re passionate about cutting Camden’s carbon footprint down to size.

CamdenCAN brings all these groups together, to publicize eco events in Camden and to facilitate networking between those concerned about climate, resilience and sustainability issues.

Reclaim! This Weds 20th Feb – a meal and a chat about food waste in Hackney

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Reclaim! Only 9 tickets left (at £10 each) for this lovely meal highlighting the issues surrounding food waste and what we are doing about it, which we are proud to sponsor with great food, along with This Is Not A Take Away, Feeding the 5000 and the People’s Kitchen Dalston.

More details below, here is the link to TINATA’s website:

Stop, think and don’t throw away – donate!

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More and more companies are joining the efforts to reduce the massive amount of unnecessary food waste we currently create in our society.

We’d like to thank, among others, Diageo ( for taking the time to stop, think and donate the whole of the stock from their on-site mock convenience store to Best Before Project for redistribution among charities in need – the charities very extremely grateful for the items! Many companies simply throw unwanted stuff away…so well done and thanks again!

Best before, still good after – not only food :)

news boxes Best Before Project BBP

We are in constant need of sealable storage boxes in which we temporarily store all the lovely food donated to us by businesses willing to go the extra mile not to waste food before we we redistribute it among local charities.