Great news from EU parliament

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Great news!!!!
"The European Union is poised to scrap compulsory “best before” labels on coffee, rice, dry pasta, hard cheeses, jams and pickles to help reduce the estimated 100 million tons of food wasted across Europe each year."
This is exactly what we are fighting for during the last three years!

New Best Before Project shop in Harrow!

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Have you already been in our new Best Before Project shop?

We are at 160 Northholt Road, South Harrow in collaboration with Silver House. Our adorable Uparima is in charge!

BBP Harrow shop

Fundraiser needed!

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Food BBPBBP is continuing to fight and reach it's mission, and in order to do that and follow our next steps we will need funds!
That's why we are looking for a fundraiser!
If you know anyone who could be interested in the job, please forwart them this link:
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Looking for articles about food

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Hello! BBP is always looking for food-related articles, and journalists interested in this topic!
if you find any that you think are related to our mission, please send us a link to them on our e-mail :)

Food journalist

Skipping from supermarket's bins

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Is it really a crime taking some food meant to be sent to landfills?
Full article:

Three charged with stealing food from skip behind Iceland supermarket
Crown Prosecution Service claims there is 'significant public interest' in prosecuting men arrested for taking discarded food

Vans of food loading and unloading!

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Another van full of food moved to one of our storages!
Remember, we always need:
- volunteers to load and unload the food
- boxes to store the unvboxed food we get
- our message to be spread all over the world!!!

Help us in any way you can!

p.s. thanks to our volunteer Francesco for the help! :D

Food waste: what does the latest report tell us? - The Guardian

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According to the latest report by the government's waste advisory body, £12.5bn worth of avoidable food and drink waste was thrown away last year in the UK. What are the other key findings from the report?


Five expired foods you can still eat

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A supermarket in Boston is going to sell only food that's past its sell-by date. So what are they, asks Rajini Vaidyanathan.

Interview to BBP recipient

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Interview to Notre Dame Refugee centre representative, Chris Atkinson

New addresses for our social networks and newsletters!

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Hello everybody! Here are the addresses for our social networks! follow-tweet-+1 us! :D


The new twitter address is @BestBeforeProj