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Open positions

Here you can find the specific positions we need now to go on with our project.

To be one of us, you should embrace our vision and be passionate about what we do. If you don't fit any of the positions listed below, you can always help us just getting involved or becoming a generic volunteer

BBP is continuing to fight and reach it's mission, and in order to do that and follow our next steps we will need funds! That's why we are looking for a fundraiser who could help us with that. For details please contact us.

Website manager
We need a website responsible who knows basic html, familiar with gmail and google drive, and his role will be to look after this website and weekly keep it up-to date.

Newsletter responsible
We need a person to care about the latest news in BBP and montly edit our html template to send it to the members of our bbp newsletter.

Google+ responsible
As our twitter social network is being very active after getting a new volunteer working on it, we want the same happening for our Google+ page. Together with it, our youtube channel should link and propose interesting videos to our followers.

PR Manager
Due to the strategical decisions taken to increase the educational impact of our actions, BBP is looking for a public relations responsible who could help keeping the world informed about our actions and the importance of our mission

HR manager
After our first stage where we didn't need many more volunteers to manage our task, we are now in need for several more volunteers to cover different roles in our organization
Therefore what we need is a person that could manage our human resources, find new volunteers and ensure continuity in our workflow

Project manager - Kingston
Best Before Project's mission is to avoid food waste but we are well aware of all the other kinds of goods that are continuously wasted in our society.
That is why we decide to start a project about saving unwanted items from being sent to landfill by collecting, sorting and shipping to countries that have much more than us.
In particular, we are focusing on taking items that are surplus of charity shops and for our society would have no place but the bin.
What we are looking for is a project manager who should
- help finding, train and manage volunteers to collect and sort the items
- help finding ways to optimize the process
- document on on-line documentation all the steps and the problems occurring and communicate with BBP team updates and pictures for our media responsible