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Get involved

volunteers during educational campaign Brixton 2012People volunteer for a number of different reasons, including learning new skills, having fun, making a difference and gaining experience to put on their CVs. Some are really devoted to the cause while others simply wish to do their bit where they can. Every little or big amount of help is welcome.

We do need a hand in the following areas:

1. Impact assessment: Ways of assessing the environmental and social impact of our actions. We need statistics and research that can prove what we are reporting to the authorities: huge amounts of food are being sent to landfills due to a misunderstanding of food labels and a very big percentage of it is labelled ‘best before’ while it’s still perfectly edible.
3. Publicity and PR: Advice on publicity and spreading our message.
4. Finance: Advice on developing into a self-sustaining organisation (ways of obtaining funding - either directly generated by our activities or through funding bodies, as well as help with presenting our activities and ideas for funding applications).

What you can do for us right now?

You can support our objectives by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you “like” us it would be a huge help in terms of visitors and visibility among other social network users. Thank you! <3

smiles of peoples coming to our stalls during educational campaigns