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Information for consumers

Don’t throw away food past its ‘best before’ date. It’s perfectly ok to eat!

Food past its ‘best before’ date is safe to consume and the ‘best before’ label is merely an indication that after the date the food ‘might begin to lose its texture or flavour’ (see [link to food labelling info]). It will not poison you or your family and in most cases it will taste exactly the same as an item ‘in date’. Think dry rice, pasta, tinned baked beans, honey and … over 80% of all food in the UK.

Take part in our BEST BEFORE, STILL GOOD AFTER campaign and ask your local shop what they do with food past its ‘best before’ date. We encourage food businesses to either SELL it (as it is perfectly legal to do so as long as the food has been stored in safe conditions and the consumer is informed that the food is past its ‘best before’ date) or DONATE any surplus to local charities directly or via Best Before Project’s redistribution network.

Don’t throw good food away - save money, save the environment and live happily :)