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  1. What date marks are legal in the UE?

    There are only two legal definitions of dates possible in European Union:
    - Use by
    - Best Before
    All other date marks you can find on the labels (e.g. sell by, display until) are just unbinding information for internal use for supermarket’s staff.


  1. Do all date marks on food mean the expiring date?

    No, the only expiring date is ‘use by’. All other date marks are merely indicative of a possible quality or internal information for distributors.

  1. What’s the difference between ‘best before’ date and ‘use by’ date?

    While "Use by" is the actual expiry date, Best Before is a quality indicator and does not mean the food could become dangerous or unhealty after that date.

  1. Is it safe to eat  products that passed the ‘best before’ date?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe although you need to apply your common sense the same way as you do in a case of “in-date” products, for example, you need to check about the damages of the packages, the presence of mould, weird smell or taste.

  1. What are the BBP aims?

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of food that is being wasted because of misunderstanding of the proper meaning of dates stated on the food labels.

In order to reach this main goal we:

    • Educate both food distributors and the consumers about the possibility of further distribution and edibility of food approaching or past its best before date.

    • Redistribute the food that it’s meant to go to landfill.

    • Collaborate with other organisations acting in favour of the environment.


  1. Which are your sources of information?

    We base our message on the information provided by DEFRA, NHS and EU commission.

  1. How your source prove their information?

    - Directive 2000/13/EC

    - Food Labelling Regulations (1996)


  1. How can I donate food to BBP?

    Please, read the ‘What can you do?’ section on the website for business, consumers and charities.

  1. How can I become a volunteer?

    Please contact us following the instructions available on ‘what can you do?’ menu and tell us about your background, views and experience.

  1. How can I help if I don’t have much spare time?

    You can:

    - Spread our message

    - ‘Like’ us on the social networks.

    - Donate some amount towards running cost.

  1. Where do you get the food that you redistribute?

    We have a establishes relations with severals food distributors (both retailers and wholesalers and manufacturers) who donate us theirs productos on the regular basis.


  1. How and when did BBP start?

    Best Before project started back in 2011 as an informal group of people concerned about the vast amount of food being wasted because of the confusion about the date marks on food.

  1. Where can I get some food?

    Please, check our map or plan zheroes map, considering that currently we don’t provide food supply to individuals.

  1. Where are your warehouses?

    Please check our map.


  1. Where do you get your funding from?

    From generous people like you! :)

  1. How can I set up a local team?

    Please, contact us and we will provide you training and more detailed information.