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Our vision

Best Before Date Example 2

Best Before Project started back in April 2011 an informal group of people concerned with the vast amount of perfectly edible food being wasted at every stage of the food distribution chain, especially resulting from the misinterpretation of ‘best before’ labels on food. VAST amounts of food approaching or passed its ‘best before’ date are being thrown away every day both by food suppliers and households – perfectly edible food with a label that indicates no more than a possibility that the quality of the food will no longer be guaranteed by the manufacturer as advertised. This means thousands of tonnes of rice, pasta, grains, tinned food, drinks, virtually all sorts of non-perishable food are being simply sent to landfill.

Best Before Date Example 1

Following the guidelines of the Food Standards Agency’s, the NHS’s and DEFRA’s on the safety of the food and legality of its redistribution we began to save food from landfill. We did this by approaching food wholesalers and retailers and encouraging them not to throw away food approaching or past its 'best before' date, but to either SELL it at a discount or DONATE it to local charities, or in the case of large quantities or if one point of contact is required, directly to Best Before Project for further redistribution. We have developed into a smoothly functioning network of volunteers working in partnership with food businesses and food charities. Large quantities of such food are being distributed by us through a network of local depots.

Best Before Project in action