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BBP Best Before Project Twitter social networks

Hello hello!! This is a reminder about our social networks! you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

BBP Strategical Workshop

BBP workshop Best Before Project

As all the organizations, BBP has a structure and needs medium and long term plans. That is why we decided to attend a workshop that Matt kindly organized for us!
Will it work? Will we go ahead with our mission? Only time can tell, but we are faithful and will put all our effort to make it happen!

Vegetables saved from Landfill!

BBP food waste redistribution

Hello everybody!

Although we are focused on "Best Before" labeled food, sometimes it happens that we occour in large quantities of other kinds of food that needs to be saved!

Here is an example!
about 700kg of tasty vegetables saved from landfill thanks to the joint action of BBP and Feeding 5K, and distributed to CFE (Community Food Enterprise) and to Rad Cross

Following there are some pictures of the action (sorry for the quality!):

Goodbye Tottenham storage!

BBP storage Tottenham Hale

Yes, we had to vacate our garage in Tottenham Hale.This storage has been our first, and we used it for 3 years; loads of food passed through it and the last stored food has been taken by Red Cross, Woodberry Downs Baptist Church and some by people who run the kitchen in Harlesden

Closing this storage is not a simple logistical matter for us. Makes us think that is already years that we are going on with our project, and we need to be dynamic and focus on the main goal of Best Before Project, although it's not easy and obstacles and changes are constantly incoming.

BBP Brunch: a success!

BBP Brunch event Acton Shepherd's Bush

What a nice event has been!
Our Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch has been a really nice time for us all, and we hope for all of our guests too!
Thanks for coming, keep spreading our message and see you all soon!

Tatami BBP brunch front

Great news from EU parliament

EU parliament news Best Before Project Food Labeling food waste The independent The Telegtaph

Great news!!!!
"The European Union is poised to scrap compulsory “best before” labels on coffee, rice, dry pasta, hard cheeses, jams and pickles to help reduce the estimated 100 million tons of food wasted across Europe each year."
This is exactly what we are fighting for during the last three years!

New Office!

Best Before Project Office Acton volunteers

New Office in Acton!
A lot of work to move everything from the former East Acton Storage to Harrow, Tulse Hills and the new office in Acton, but finally It's all done!

Acron office to clean

New Best Before Project shop in Harrow!

news shop Harrow South Harrow

Have you already been in our new Best Before Project shop?

We are at 160 Northholt Road, South Harrow in collaboration with Silver House. Our adorable Uparima is in charge!

BBP Harrow shop

BBP's Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch!

event Brunch Food Labeling Tatami Acton East Acton Shepherd's Bush

Best Before Project is glad to invite you all to the Food Labelling Community Awareness Brunch!

Please confirm your participation in Facebook!
Tickets available till the 26th of May on Grubclub and Eventbrite

Food project in Lambeth - Made in Lambeth, Best Before Project and Lambeth Council

food food waste Lambeth food banks food poverty Made in Lambeth Lambeth Council network storage Brixton People's Kitchen

Best Before

Reducing food waste to help Lambeth poorest - a new project in cooperation with Lambeth Council and the lovely Made in Lambeth is finally here!

Stage 1: Let's be realistic and creative at the same time! If you live or work in Lambeth come and join us at Impact Hub Lambeth on Saturday 12th April 2014 from 10am-4.30pm and help us make a difference at great brain-storming event. Any skills and experience is much appreciated but we would be particularly happy to hear from IT minded people to help us create a prototype Lambeth-wide food sharing platform.